My Story:

Did you ever meet someone who answered one of those “start your own business” ads in the back of a magazine? Could something like that even work? Back in January of 1991, I did that. I called the company up on their 800 number, received the information in the mail, did my market research, paid $7995.00 for 4 days of training, went to Iowa  to get the training, came back home and started my business.

Fast, affordable printer repairs when you need them.

All printers have small moving parts that eventually wear out and we can quickly take care of those problems for you. If you would like to know if your printer is worth fixing - just call - we will provide you with the information that you need to make the best decision.

American Made Cartridges For Your Printer.

Locally we make over 132 different toner cartridges right here in Grand Rapids. On a state level we partner with a nine time award winning company located here in  Michigan for inkjet cartridges. On a national level we partner with two companies for an additional 2,400 toner cartridge types, all Made in the USA. We can supply you with a cartridge that was not made in China, how is that for a change?

Bother HL4040 Printer Repair

Double Guarantee

All toner and ink cartridges from Laser Rite have a 100% satisfaction guarantee in addition to a 100% free from defects in materials and workmanship guarantee.

Going Green?

The idea is simple. By reusing our printer cartridges for their original purpose, we reduce the need to manufacture more, we conserve natural resources...and we reduce and control the waste that pollutes our environment.

“Because we can remanufacture print cartridges...but we can't remanufacture nature.”