Should Your Next Laser Printer Be A Used Machine?

Maybe, because it depends on the situation.

Let me make a car analogy for you. If you could buy $30,000.00 two year old car with 20,000 miles that has a clean CarFax for $12,000.00 would you be interested? Of course you would, and when you’re in the market for a “new” printer you should consider a clean gently used laser printer for the exact reason - value. The one you buy still needs to fit your needs and that is a great reason to have a “Printer Guy” on your side!

“Thanks so much for helping me the “laser printer’s death” this week!!”

This quote is from a local estate planning attorney who’s old printer needed to be “put to rest” and I delivered a replacement to her.

Buying a printer can be a math problem combined with a set of needs and wants. In this video you’ll find out the cost per page of each of these machines. You might be surprised at how big the difference is and more importantly how fast those extra pennies turn into dollars.

Five Reasons Why Companies Buy Used Printers.

One: If you have a printer that you like, why not buy more of the same model and standardize whenever possible.

Two: Save Money! You can save 40% - 60% compared to new machines.

Three: Buying and maintaining printing supplies is easier and cheaper. You know how it works, nobody tells you that they took the last one and now they want to make it your crisis because they are out of toner.

Four: Better Value: Nice off lease are only 2-3 years old and have 80% - 90% of their useable life left.

Five: End the frustration of every new machine needing it’s own set of supplies. Your not in the office supplies business so why should your supply room look like Staples or Office Depot.

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Select Used Printers Will Save You 50%