How Much Does It Cost

To Feed Your Printers?

An Extra Two Pennies

Just how fast does an extra two cents per page add up? Watch the video and find out.

100% Guaranteed

The last step in the cartridge process is to put a label on it. For 25 years Laser Rite has been using this label... No one else labels their cartridges like we do. Complete with full contact information and the guarantee right on the cartridge. We take pride in our work!

Seven Reasons Why Laser Rite Toner Cartridges

Should Be Your First Choice!

1. Save Money - Our cartridges will save you 25% to 50%

2. Quality - Our cartridges have a Two Year / 100% Guarantee

3. Save Time - Free local delivery for orders over $100.00

4. Printer Service Plans - Ask for details

5. Experience - Over 25 years in the toner cartridge and printer service business!

6.Local - We make the product right here in Grand Rapids Michigan

7.Reduce, Reuse, then Recycle - The idea is simple. By reusing our printer cartridges for their original purpose, we reduce the need to manufacture more, we conserve natural resources...and we reduce and control the waste that pollutes our environment.