Before Your Printer Drives You Crazy…

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Man With Bat Kicks Printer
Man Rips Apart Printer
Man Lifts Printer

Printer Problems are aggravating and we are here to help!

3 Things to have ready before you call… (helpful but not required).

1.Model of the machine… (not the serial number). For example: Hewlett Packard Laserjet P4015dn.

2.Is there an error code? / What is it? For example: 13.1 paper jamb.

3.If there is a print defect on your pages, please have them ready. They really help in diagnosing problems.

I Cheated, Here’s Why!

Check out this video and see if you would like your “Printer Guy” to cheat for you!

Is My Old Printer Worth Fixing?

This is a question that I get asked all the time. Some repairs are easy, fast, and very cost effective. Check out the video. Maybe you have a printer that should be fixed.

Tip - Do you have extra supplies for this machine that are not returnable? What are you going to do with them? Maybe an inexpensive repair will allow you to use up some expensive supplies that you own.

Paper Jambs Because Of Paper Tray!

Money saving printer tip. Are your paper jambs the result of a mis-aligned paper tray? Some frustrations are easy to fix.

Pro Tips…

1. Don't use alcohol on rubber. Water is better for the rubber.

2.Don't use ammonia based cleaners around copiers and printers. It can ruin a print drum.

3.Properly adjust paper trays.

4.When clearing a paper jamb be sure and get the complete page out.

5.If at all possible remove a jamb in the direction in the direction the page moves through the machine.